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Welcome to Arion Racing Club

Arion Racing Club has been born out of racing enthusiasts with a dream of winning races in both codes of racing. Most people are prevented from buying their own racehorse because it is far too expensive.

We offer an affordable monthly fee for a share in an exciting horse of your choice. We have teamed up with one of the most successful trainers in Ireland and the UK. We pride ourselves on our integrity and excellent owner communication and we endeavour to make everyone feel they are the sole owner of their racehorse.

For further information or general queries please contact us at, or call Marcus (Racing Manager, Ireland) on +353 86 7224963 and James (Racing Manager, UK) on +447734976422

Arion Racing Corporate

We are delighted to reveal our New Arion Racing Corporate sector of our club. It’s simple, Buy 100% of a horse and race under your own colours while we still source and manage the horse on your behalf.

“We are delighted to have such a dynamic enthusiastic and professional racing club associated with our yard. If you want to join a racing club look no further than Arion Racing”

Gordon Elliott – Trainer

“We are here for every type of owner. Our goal is to have more people enjoy the sport of kings and to make it affordable without compromising the quality of our horses. The horses are sourced from the best breeders in Ireland and France to give our owners the best chance of winning”

Marcus Stirrat – Racing Manager, Ireland

“We are giving UK members the chance to join an undeniable expert trainer, someone who excels in bringing the full potential out of every horse in training.”

James Vickers – Racing Manager, UK